Hi, I’m Jodie, Sydney-based jewellery designer, founder of Deer Ruby and mama to one awesome little guy. 

For me, it’s not just about creating stunning accessories. Deer Ruby personalised necklaces are all handcrafted with love and individually customised to tell your story.


And if you're curious to know more about my story…


Born and raised in Adelaide Australia, I studied fashion design and patternmaking before going on to work in the manufacturing side of the industry. From there I opened the first of three successful children’s clothing boutiques - and all of this by the age of 18!


Making jewellery has always been my passion.


Honing my creative skills, crafting unique pieces for friends and family, I discovered I had a knack for creating individualised jewellery that people seemed to really love. So when a national women’s fashion retailer approached me to collaborate and design a range for their top 20 stores, I was all in, and Deer Ruby was born.


Things took off and shit started to get real.


Demand for my jewellery grew seemingly overnight. In the end, I had to call on family and close girlfriends to help me fill the big orders as each piece had to be carefully assembled and packaged by hand.

By 2004, Deer Ruby had become a firm fixture in retail stores all over the country, it was an exciting time. But life, it seemed, had other things in store for me. I made the decision to pack up my jewels and move to the UK where I spent the next few years working, travelling and adventuring my heart out.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart, so when I finally returned to Australia, filled with inspiration and renewed creativity, I wholeheartedly threw myself back into rebuilding the Deer Ruby brand.

The business has continued to evolve over the years. Each collection more refined and thoughtful than the last. Each piece lovingly handcrafted in Bali with the help of a small family business that have been partnering with me for well over a decade.

A desire to move away from the fast fashion and season to season trends saw a rebrand in 2017, and a whole new direction for Deer Ruby with a focus on creating personalised, handcrafted pieces.

The range will be expanded over time, but the underlying ethos won’t change. Beautiful, personalised jewellery, infused with heart and intended as a lasting, tangible expression of love.

Customise yours here.

xo Jodie