Combining traditional ideas and constantly evolving designs, Deer Ruby presents diverse collections with far reaching references gathered from designer Jodie Weerts’ ongoing global travels. Urban landscapes of LA, London, New York and Tokyo inform the bold shapes that are delivered in distinctively hardwearing metals and angular forms. Sleek architectural shapes and wire rings mirror a stark urban environment, offset with more feminine and natural elements within each range.

Counterbalancing the architectural pieces are nature-inspired vine knuckledusters, intricate rings and bracelets, designed to be layered up and stacked in contrasting clusters. Multi-layered chain necklaces, woven leather straps, beaded bracelets and silver and gold plated charms usher in an altogether more bohemian chapter, with a series of intricate components layered up to create confident and eccentric formations.

Deer Ruby jewellery is a label of inherent beauty; object-driven pieces intended to weather and tell a story. This notion of evolution builds cult pieces designed to signify a special moment, a journey or experience, with less focus on constant newness and a greater emphasis on creating styles more in line with the development of a personal jewellery collection.

The central theme of producing beautifully crafted jewellery that is designed to be loved over time continues through each multifaceted collection, guaranteed to delight the ever-growing Deer Ruby fanbase.

Deer Ruby can be found at distinguished boutiques throughout Australia.